Configuring TailwindCSS


The TailwindCSS settings for this system are very basic. But there are a few settings to note.


Because TailwindCSS uses Normalize.css to set sensible defaults for all browsers, we lose basic formatting on many top level elements like Headers, <a> and <p> tags, etc. So you’ll want to set your own overrides in the /src/assets/css/tailwind.css file. Here are the current settings for this system as of the writing of this post.

🔥 NOTE: We do set a couple text colors in this file. So if you’re looking for them in the /src/_data/colors.js file, I left a comment there at the top to look here in the /src/assets/css/tailwind.css file.

/* /src/assets/css/tailwind.css  */
@tailwind base;

@apply font-semibold text-gray-700;
h1 {
@apply text-4xl;
h2 {
@apply pt-12 text-3xl;
h3 {
@apply text-2xl;
h4 {
@apply text-xl;
h5 {
@apply text-lg;
p a,
li a,
blockquote a,
dd a
@apply font-medium text-indigo-700;
p {
@apply mt-4;
.wrapper > p:first-of-type {
@apply p-0 m-0;

ol {
@apply pt-4 ml-8 list-decimal;
ul {
@apply pt-4 ml-8 list-disc;
blockquote {
@apply pl-4 m-4 border-l-4 border-gray-500;
code {
@apply p-1 text-sm bg-gray-200 border border-gray-300 rounded-lg;
pre code {
@apply bg-transparent border-0 rounded-none;

@tailwind components;

@tailwind utilities;


This system also uses TailwindCSS’ built-in support for PurgeCSS. And because the system uses _data files to control some CSS classes, we have to include them in the /tailwind.config.js settings file so those CSS classes are NOT purged.

And while we’re in the /tailwind.config.js file, let’s take a peek at those custom theme height values that were setup to allow Editors to control the Hero and Featured Images heights:

(always check the TailwindCSS Release Notes page for info on the other settings.)

// /tailwind.config.js
const defaultTheme = require('tailwindcss/defaultTheme')

module.exports = {
purge: [
experimental: {
applyComplexClasses: true,
future: {
removeDeprecatedGapUtilities: true,
theme: {
extend: {
// created my own heights so can specify for Heros
height: (theme) => ({
'1/2': '50vh',
'3/4': '75vh',
'9/10': '90vh',
'1/1': '100vh',
'1/3': 'calc(100vh / 3)',
'1/4': 'calc(100vh / 4)',
'1/5': 'calc(100vh / 5)',
variants: {},
plugins: [require('@tailwindcss/custom-forms')],